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A divorce is an emotional experience for clients. Fear of change and anger are normal, but cannot be allowed to impede the process that follows. Usually, individuals are concerned about how their finances and assets will be affected by the impending court action. Clients are worried about paying or receiving alimony or spousal support. If they have children, there is often concern surrounding how child custody will be decided and how much child support a parent is legally required to pay. Carl J. Gaul can put your mind at ease by guiding you through the divorce process in an efficient and clear way.

More Than 35 Years of Family Law Experience

With more than 35 years of family law experience, you can be assured that Carl J. Gaul understands the legal process, knows the likely outcomes of legal matters and how to turn them in your favor. You will be provided with an honest assessment of your divorce and your rights will skillfully be advocatred for by Mr. Gaul. We provide a comfortable office atmosphere where you are free to ask questions and voice your concerns. Carl J. Gaul will:

  • Help answer your questions about the divorce process
  • Educate you about the laws that apply to your situation
  • Negotiate the terms of your divorce
  • Draft and prepare your divorce documents
  • Litigate any and all matters that did not settle

What Does the Divorce Process Look Like?

At the beginning of your divorce case, our Washington law firm will schedule an initial client interview. The purpose of the interview is for the law firm to understand a client’s situation and to be aware of client concerns and goals. Carl J. Gaul will also discuss a client’s legal options in proceeding with a divorce.

If the parties are in agreement regarding all matters in the divorce case, Attorney Gaul can draft the paperwork that is necessary for the court. If the case needs to be presented in court, our law firm works with clients to obtain all of the pertinent information regarding the assets and debts. Carl works together with clients to determine a plan for the future regarding their personal finances.

Once all of the pertinent information for the divorce is acquired, Attorney Gaul formulates a proposal for settlement based on the client’s objectives that involves the custody, visitation, support and property division. With 35 years of experience Carl J. Gaul can comfortably make recommendations based on his vast experience. If the parties cannot agree on the settlement terms, Carl will proceed to trial with a more aggressive stance to fight for the client’s rights.

Snohomish County Child Support Lawyer

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