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Carl was instrumental in the dismissal of a DV case against me! He was very understanding and meticulously followed my case to the end. After the case was closed he followed up to ensure all of my 2nd amendment rights were retained! I cannot make a higher recommendation for an attorney!  Bart Dahl

“Carl has been invaluable to us”

I have been a client of Carl’s for over 5 years. Carl’s professionalism and expertise has been a great relief to my family and I. From handling my divorce to my son’s domestic violence charge and child custody issues, Carl has been invaluable to us. His history as a former prosecutor makes him well prepared for every twist and turn the justice system throws at you. Time and again, he has been there with assistance and helpful advice as we have worked our way through our legal issues. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for our family.  Michael Van Scyoc

Mr. Gaul represented my wife and her children after the ex had become physically abusive to the children. Carl was patient in answering all of our questions. He anticipated the oppositions moves. He got a good parenting plan for my wife, without visitation. I highly recommend Carl Gaul!  Jason B.

Carl Gaul, Esq. has been representing me for 25 yrs. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate him at 1000! Knowledge is Power. He is very well versed in his practice. He has spent countless, tedious and frustrating hrs presenting my position to the courts, dealing with 3 child support orders, wage assignments, chasing assets, finding other resources to aid with my case, siting case law for me to understand how the laws impacted my case dealing with a dead beat dad with strength and compassion. I moved out of state about a month after I retained him and my son’s father moved around Washington. He ALWAYS communicated and explained each step in the process. Even when the steps were hard or had bad news he always had an answer to the problem. He is my hero. He successfully won a judgment in my favor after securing assets.   Bonnie A.

Mr. Gaul help get my two DV charges dismissed early. He got me out of my requirements in the Everett Municipal court early. In my divorce, he made sure that my Former wife’s DV restraining order remained a temp order and had it merged into the divorce file. This order was dismissed without prejudice. Mr Gaul got my house and new bmw back to me withing 2 weeks after filing for divorce. He also got the courts to establish 3 days of family supervised visitation even with 2 arrests. I ended paying no spousal support for long haul of the divorce. He made sure that my child support was lower than what it should have been. In the end I ended up with more time with my child than a normal visitation schedule and things are still open for more recommendations. Negative ruling he turns into positves and the the reports from the GAL have been good fom me, not got for my ex and her attorney. He also got a new DVRO dismissed with prejudice. I Highly would recommend MR. GAUL   Andrew R.

Carl brought me out of a very ugly custody fight with flying colors! He was very professional, kept me informed and educated which I really appreciated, and he knew when to negotiate and when to be the most aggressive shark in the water. I HIGHLY recommend him.   Micki G.